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Might & Magic Heroes VII free DLC available for download in February 2016

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Might & Magic Heroes VII is equipped in the coming year with some additional content. And what amount of money you have to invest? Nothing, as promised by Ubisoft. We have all the information for you.

The Lost Tales of Axeoth - Unity
The Lost Tales of Axeoth – Unity

Ubisoft has announced a free downloadable pack that will be released in February next year for Might & Magic Heroes 7. The Lost Tales of Axeoth “Unity”, the name, awaken the lost writings of “Heroes of Might & Magic 4” to life and leaves the classical world with the gameplay and revives the characteristics of the current game again.

“‘Unity’, is based on the rediscovered and not previously used stories that were originally written for Heroes 4 and takes place after the settlement. Those catastrophe that destroyed the world of Enroth and countless survivors compelled to enter mysterious portals that lead into a new, undiscovered world,” says Ubisoft. “The Reckoning not only threw civilization into chaos, but the study of magic as well. Many of the old spell libraries were destroyed before their contents could be saved,” Ubisoft further added.

The DLC was developed with the public Mapmaking and modding tools for “Heroes 7” according to Ubisoft and will give players a taste of what is possible with these tools. The campaign has a lot of new heroes, artifacts, modified units, alternative building on the adventure map, changed skill trees and the music of Rob King & Paul A. Romero.

Might & Magic Heroes VII will be also a part of the Christmas discounts on Steam. For more information about Might & Magic Heroes VII , visit its official website here.