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Middle-earth: Shadow of War will run at 4K and 30 fps on Xbox One X

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will debut this October 10 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Although Microsoft’s new console, Xbox One X, will arrive almost a month later, it is a fact that this new title will have a better performance in such a system.

Bob Roberts, game director, recently spoke with GamingBolt, where he shared details of Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s performance on Xbox One X.

Roberts said he is certain the title will run at 4K, but the possibility of 60 fps is very small: “4K, I think it will be 30 frames, not 6. But we’re pushing the graphics as far as we can. It still plays really smooth it 30. So we do kind of tests where things break down frame-rate wise. It plays great. It doesn’t seem to have issues at 30. We’re putting all the power into HDR at 4K graphics.”

The developer also said that, among other things, the Xbox One X will significantly reduce load times compared to Xbox One. Roberts mentioned that he does not have an Xbox One X development kit, but that part of his team has proven the difference.

“The guys who have the X, the biggest thing about it is the load times. On the normal Xbox dev kit, it will take us a few minutes to load one of our worlds. It’s pretty big and takes a while to rev up. The X loads in a few seconds. So that’s a big deal if you’re trying to iterate quickly to get more cycles on something,” Roberts finished saying.

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