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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Upcoming Gameplay Trailer Images Leaked (Spoiler)

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The first gameplay trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is expected to release on March 8, however, a Reddit user seems to have caught a glimpse of the video on Facebook for a few seconds, during that time he managed to take some screenshots of this trailer. Warning: the following contains spoilers about the plot of the game and the gameplay.

Warner Bros. has recently announced the continuation of Shadow of Mordor, and now interesting frame came to light that was previously unknown. After the game got leaked by a retailer, the publisher quickly announced the continuation of the adventure of Talion, and, according to the official page we will soon get a gameplay demo video, but according to the just released pictures it seems, there is also a second trailer.

The user Magnumnumnum has shared a number of screenshots on Imgur, that can be viewed here, and the images in question contain spoilers on some characters that are going to appear in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and even reveal some unusual gameplay mechanics, so if you do not want to know any kind of this spoilers then do not click on the link found just above.

Based on the pictures it seems that Talion has befriended a dragon or a drake who will help him in the fight against evil, and sometimes even allow the hero to sit on his back.

Recall that the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will arrive on August 25 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, later also on Project Scorpio. The reveal of the gameplay is set for Wednesday, March 8th.