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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War might allow you to import save games of Shadow of Mordor

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War could afford you to import the previous save games of Shadow of Mordor. There are no certainties in this regard but the Creative Vice President of Monolith Productions seems to have slipped out something about it.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, officially announced a few days ago, is a direct result of the excellent Shadow of Mordor, but their relationship could be even deeper than what you can imagine. The creative vice-president of Monolith Productions, Michael de Plater, interviewed by GamesRadar, responded well to the question regarding the possibility of importing the save games of the first chapter.

Interviewed by GamesRadar, Michael de Plater responded with “Oh… I don’t remember what we’re allowed to say about that” regarding a specific question on save games. Consulting with a response of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, de Plater also confirmed that “We’re not saying anything at this time.”

It is neither a confirmation nor a denial, but the ambiguity of such a response has done nothing but bring many to believe that elements such as the data recorded by the Nemesis System can effectively be transferred to the new title of Shadow of War.

We just have to wait to find out more details about this news. Recall that yesterday a long video was published showing not less than 16 minutes of gameplay of Shadow of War.