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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor DLC “The Bright Lord” available for download soon

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Next month around March 10, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor owners are going to get a new DLC “The Bright Lord”. This is the release date considered but yet it is not confirmed.

This is the final DLC which is going to appear in the market and it is going to offer you many new benefits. This DLC offers you a new story line that starts from Shadow of Mordor. One Ring is included in this chapter and at the end you are going to get an amazing climax where you will be fighting with Sauron.

This time there are more tougher challenges in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor DLC “The Bright Lord”. There will be some new additions in the game also which means you can actively take part in many hunting campaign. The gameplay will also be better and it is also going to increase speed of players. There are some upgrades that will make you more powerful in the gameplay.

This DLC can be considered as the ultimate climax where you will be dealing with the toughtest enemy and you will be also using some great upgrades. Here Sauron himself is going to be the final boss. The updates is going to appear on Steam, so keep an eye on it.