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Microsoft’s Twitch Rival ‘Beam’ gets a new name, co-streaming and mobile features

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Last year, Microsoft acquired Beam, a livestreaming platform that stands out for its interactive features. Now, in search of making it more attractive, Microsoft decided to change its name and launch new features.

So, from today Beam will be known as Mixer. According to Matt Salsamendi, founder of the platform, he said that it was a difficult decision; However, in a conversation with GameSpot he pointed out that it was necessary to reflect the ways in which they seek to unite people in new ways. They also believe that the change will help Mixer in its ambition to expand into global markets.

“This was a tough decision, and it was not one we did lightly. But, it was something we chose as a team. We believe in the power of this platform and we want it to grow in each of the important markets of the world. Unfortunately, this was not something we could do with the Beam name. We chose Mixer as the name because it represents what we love more about this service: it unites people,” he said.

However, the Mixer team knows that a new name is not enough to attract new users, so true to its commitment to deliver the best possible experience, they released new features. The first one is that Mixer already has “the first experience of cooperative streaming”, in which up to 4 streamers can combine their transmissions. It is important to note that while it is not necessary for all participants to broadcast the same, it is ideal for multiplayer experiences such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds or Guns of Icarus Online.

On the other hand, today is the launch of the Beta of Mixer Create, a mobile application that allows you to stream gameplay from your mobile devices. That is to say, you can go out and broadcast your adventures of Pokémon GO, or stay home for your audience to see your best Hearthstone or Clash Royale games.

Another new feature is Channel One, a moderate content channel that highlights some of Twitch’s best broadcasts, such as major releases, eSports events, tricks and live events. On the other hand, the menu of Xbox One already has a new page of Mixer, where you will find some of the best streams available on the platform.

Finally, Salsamendi said that they want Mixer to be the best place to see E3 2017, which is why they will broadcast the Xbox conference in 4K Ultra HD. He also announced that there will be some digital prizes for all who are following the transmission from their Mixer account.