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Microsoft worked on an Xbox Smartwatch in 2013

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All technology companies, including those linked to the video game industry, are having an endless source of ideas and creativity whose projects sometimes remain in simple ideas embodied in a sheet or sometimes remain in prototypes whose final version can be debuted in the market.

Microsoft, being one of those companies, has covered many technological sectors and recently we came to know about a project that involved the technology present in smartwatch and the Xbox family.

According to an investigation of the Finnish site Suomimobiili, during 2013 Microsoft ventured into the development of a prototype smartwatch that would work with Xbox and even published images that corresponds to that device.

The Xbox smartwatch was integrated with a heart rate sensor on the back and a 1.5-inch screen on the front. According to Suomimobiili’s research, the Microsoft device has technology that would have facilitated magnetic loading and synchronized with the Surface tablet family.

Although the Xbox smartwatch did not materialize, it is obvious that it would have had integration with Xbox LIVE to share messages and use some applications developed for some titles.

Due to its closeness to date, it is presumed that this device was intended to accompany, at some point, the Xbox One, a console that debuted in 2013. Some opinions indicate that the project could be abandoned and the advances achieved were transferred to the Microsoft Band project, the similar device launched in 2014 that was unsuccessful.