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Microsoft on Xbox One X Life Expectancy: Console Cycles Is Up To Consumers and The Pace of Technology

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With the mid-gen console concept that has taken hold of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, there are inevitably several doubts about what the future of the console world will be. Will the next-gen as we have known so far still find room?

During the pre-promotion phase of Xbox One X and its worldwide release, the subject of life expectancy for the Xbox One X was put into question and “whether it’s going to be superseded by something else in just two or three years”.

Microsoft’s executive is convinced that next-gen concept will not die but also that there will be some changes. Recently, Albert Penello, the head of marketing for Xbox, gave his point of view on this topic in an interview with Metro UK.

In that sense, Penello stated the following:

“What we can say is we’re obviously putting a huge focus on game compatibility. If you think about Xbox Play Anywhere, if you think about the 360 back compat., the fact that we went all the way back to original Xbox. The fact that we have 100% game compatibility between Xbox One S and Xbox One X, that’s our focus.

And I actually think in this day and age, when we’ve just got a new iPhone, consumers have shifted a little bit from, ‘How long does my device last?’ to ‘How long does my content last?’ ‘How long do my apps last?’ And that is the model I think we are definitely focused on. What’s going to happen with console cycles and console generation is gonna be up to consumers and the pace of technology, and there’s lots of factors in that.

But I do think we can say, that when you think about game compatibility and investing in Xbox and that content staying with you… that’s a critical part of our long-term strategy.”

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