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Microsoft: Xbox One X interface will be light and fast

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Microsoft is aware of the criticism it has received over the Xbox One interface and has taken a stand on the matter, promising that Xbox One X will receive the most worked, comfortable, light and fast version of the operating system of all the launches to date. And what’s better: the improvements will be seen on all models of the console.

Speaking in an interview with VG247, Mike Ybarra, vice president of the Xbox and Windows division, has clarified how the Redmond company plans to improve on what it promised in its day in 2013 when it announced the original Xbox One and its revolutionary user interface based on layers and quick accesses.

“We’ve thought about this. We said… wow, when we come out with X we’ll have so much more power, so much more RAM. What do we want to do? What I told the team is, we don’t want to do anything. Because of exactly the point you’re making,” says Ybarra.

“I think everybody recognizes that when we launched Xbox One X… Phil [Spencer] and I have talked about this, we had a lot of just general improvement to do in terms of the UI and the responsiveness of the UI. I feel great about where we’ve come today, but we designed this UI to be across the whole family and to only use a static amount of system resources so that even on S and the original Xbox One it runs absolutely great,” Ybarra added.

“We’re getting… there’s a lot of, like, even pins, I put on Twitter and other areas that we’re going from 18 to 40 pins… there’s small adjustments like that we’re making. It’ll change as we listen to feedback and get more feedback from people, but we’re streamlining it. Performance is always the top of the line for us in terms of what our prioritisation is,” Ybarra concluded.

In any case, Ybarra makes it clear that Microsoft will be shaping the system to the same release, explaining that it will always be open to feedback and comments from the end user.