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Microsoft: Xbox One X Great Initial Results Across Europe, Amazing First Week in North America

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Xbox One X is finally available, and the new Microsoft console has been successful in its launch week with sales of over 80000 units in the United Kingdom (about 60% more than PS4 Pro) and several search companies of the market have raised their sales forecasts.

The tops of the company, of course, can only be extremely pleased with this fruitful launch: Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of the Xbox Marketing Division, wanted to send a thank you message on Twitter for users who decided to trust the new console of Redmond.

“Huge thanks to everyone for their support of Xbox One X. Great initial results not just in the UK, but seeing similar results across Europe. NA much bigger, amazing first week!,” Greenberg said on his Twitter account.

The new Microsoft console is a revision of its current Xbox One, so it does not constitute a new generation of consoles, but still allows us to play games at a 4K native resolution and 60 fps in a number of current titles. The new console of Microsoft has 6 teraflops of power, an AMD processor of 8 cores at 2.3GHz, 12GB of GDDR5 memory, 4K Blu-Ray player, Dolby Atmos sound and full 4K game compatibility.

Xbox One X is available at a price of $499 USD. There are currently no bundles of Xbox One X announced for this Christmas season.