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Microsoft: Xbox Live is better than PlayStation Network

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Yesterday morning, Microsoft published a report which says that Xbox Live offers better online support than PlayStation Network.


Microsoft helped to revolutionize the online game of console when they launched the Xbox Live in November 2002 for the original Xbox console. Sony came later with its variant of PlayStation platform, which today goes by the PlayStation Network and is by far the largest game network for consoles.

To this end, the company was based on a study conducted in July, in which the IHS Markit firm compared the speed and reliability of both services in 4 categories:

Login to Network
Login to Game Server
Find Players/Matchmaking
Uninterrupted play time

In the survey of IHS Markit, Xbox Live was superior in reliability and also the clear winner in the logon areas to the network and servers. It was smoother in uninterruptible gameplay as Xbox Live also came out best here.

Xbox Live proved its potential by beating PlayStation Network in all metrics. Apparently, Sony’s network was having too much trouble with two-step verification and network outages during the game. Being a study conducted independently, Microsoft has been able to use it to start a marketing campaign centered on the speed and reliability of Xbox Live.

According to IHS, Xbox LIVE surpassed PSN in all tests except in matchmaking. Apparently, the service of Sony is faster for gamers; however, it is slower when connected to the network, entering a party and voice chat quality is also inferior.

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