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Report: Microsoft Working on Xbox Community Content To Support Mods on Xbox One

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According to some documents in the possession of Windows Central, Microsoft could be working on the Xbox Community Content program to support the arrival of the mods on all games of Xbox One, meeting users and developers demand who create new content.

Although the mods have already arrived on Xbox One with Fallout 4, Halo 5 and Skyrim: Special Edition, in those cases the operation was made possible by a series of tools created specifically by Bethesda and 343 Industries, in order to propose content created by the community and developers on the Microsoft console as well.

Thanks to the Xbox Community Content program, Microsoft wants to take it a step further by creating a publishing platform for mods open to all Xbox One games, making it available to all content creators. The service would also be aimed at players, with the arrival of a dedicated section on the marketplace in which to find all the mods available for the various games.

The idea, in short, is to bring on the Xbox One a similar tool like Steam Workshop, creating an infrastructure that supports the mods on all the titles available on the Microsoft console. To learn more about the Xbox Community Content program, at this point, we just have to wait for more information from the Redmond house.

It seems that Microsoft is ready to revolutionize the Xbox division. After buying some development studios, today it seems ready to provide users with a whole new gaming experience. Of course, these are rumors of the company’s plans and should be treated as such, just as the fact remains that before the official announcement there could be some changes.

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