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Microsoft working on Halo Reach Framerate issues on Xbox One backward compatibility

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Several players are facing problems in the smooth flow of the game Halo: Reach on Xbox One, through backward compatibility offered by Microsoft. The latter spoke about it, stating that its technical teams are working on the subject.

Halo Reach Screenshot
Halo Reach Screenshot

Following an announcement hailed about a few months ago, the Xbox One benefits of a backward compatibility software with some games of Xbox 360. Earlier this month, Microsoft released a new update to its next-gen gaming console to enjoy with 16 additional Xbox 360 games.

Among these new titles, Halo Reach was present. The FPS game from Bungie released in 2010 has come into the limelight in recent days due to an unstable framerate on Xbox One. In the words of some players, the delays are such that it becomes difficult to aim properly.

A spokesman for the Redmond company has made ​​explanations to the website Kotaku, announcing that “We’re aware some users are experiencing issues playing Halo: Reach via Xbox One backward compatibility. The Xbox engineering team is currently looking into the issues and are working to address them,” the spokesman added.

Hopefully, within few days, we can expect the framerate issue of Halo: Reach gets resolved. In the meantime, do let us know in the comment section below if you are playing Halo: Reach on Xbox One and how are you finding its framerate?

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