Microsoft will showcase games and news about Xbox One X in gamescom 2017

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It’s a matter of days before the event of gamescom 2017 start, which is why Microsoft decided to talk a little bit more about what’s cooking for this event. According to the company, fans can expect to see games as well as news about Xbox One X.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Will Tuttle, editor in chief of the site, said that in gamescom 2017 we will know more about “the expected games that are integrated into the family of Xbox and Windows 10”, plus it will be the “world premiere of the advances of several games.” That will not be all since they will also take the opportunity to talk more about the Xbox One X console that will debut in November.

As we talked about it earlier, on Sunday, August 20, Microsoft will have a live stream that will start at 2:00 PM. In it, several members of the company will showcase news and chat with some of the game developers who are on the way to Microsoft platforms. Keep in mind that the transmission will be through Mixer, and if you enter this platform with your Microsoft account you can win different prizes.

Exactly 1 day later (Monday, August 21 at 2:00 PM), Microsoft will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Age of Empires with another live stream. In it, players can take the first look at Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, remastered version of the RTS that was announced at E3 2017.

Gamescom 2017 will be held from August 22 to 26 in Cologne, Germany. Finally, the company shared a video that shows how your booth will look in gamescom 2017. Check it out below:



  • Cant wait, they will likely open preorders some time during the event. 4K HDR/Dolby Vision TV, check. New BOHM Soundbar, check. Forza 7, Battlefront 2, and Madden 18 preordered, check. Over 200 games in my Xbox One library with lots that are being upgraded for the X, check. Xbox One X, f*** gotta wait til November d***mit.

    Look forward to seeing space battle footage of Battlefront 2 at Gamescom as well.

  • Better bring more than your “A” game….. This had better be something to make the masses fall flat on their heads!!

    Here’s to “hoping” something will come of this even…

  • They better step up their game!

    Microsoft Studios retail output by year:
    06: 4
    07: 13
    08: 11
    09: 7
    10: 11
    11: 8
    12: 10
    13: 7
    14: 7
    15: 7
    16: 5
    17: 3

  • Exactly! you have to wait!

    I did tell you that before your escape, didn’t I?


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