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Microsoft will not make any more Xbox One S White 2TB models

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According to an interview with a representative of Microsoft that Eurogamer has published, the console of Xbox One S, in the white model that was launched, is already sold out completely and the company does not intend to restock stores with this system presented in E3 2016.

Xbox One S White 2TB models

Microsoft has confirmed that the white version of Xbox One S will never be produced. The console, which has already being sold out in the UK, will therefore be available later in 500GB and 1TB.

Even Microsoft said that fans who hope to purchase Xbox One S for now only have the option of getting the system in its special edition of Gears of War, which will be released in October. The Xbox One S came last week, on August 2, and it was previously reported that it will be a limited edition.

Alternatively, the company clarified that there will be more improved versions of Xbox One system, but they will have a capacity of 500GB or 1TB, but for now no release date or estimated cost is given.

On Amazon you can still find some unit of Xbox One S White 2TB models, but prices are somewhat inflated by third-party vendors.

A final option is to wait for the Xbox Scorpio that will appear next year, for which it was announced today that the first games are in development. Xbox Scorpio is characterized due to its ability to play games at 4K resolution.