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Microsoft wants to make a Horizon Zero Dawn-like game, according to a job listing

Horizon: Zero Dawn has been one of the great video games of the first half of 2017. The bet of Guerrilla Games PS4 exclusive has become one of the most celebrated titles of the console and an intellectual property that will have a long journey over the next few years, but also an inspiration for other development studios.

According to a job listing presented a couple of months ago by a talent management company in the video game industry, Microsoft would be working on a blockbuster with a style similar to that seen in Horizon: Zero Dawn. The description of the offer makes explicit reference to the video game produced by Sony for PlayStation 4.

A few days ago, Phil Spencer of Xbox confessed that Microsoft is already working on new projects for the future that go beyond those announced during E3 2017. Among all these projects can be found this mysterious title that a couple of months ago was looking for a master artist of stage design and who takes as inspiration from the adventure of Aloy.

Beyond this offer, there are no specific details on what could be hidden behind this project. What is clear is that Microsoft has plans for the future for the coming years with development teams that are working on first party titles for the system and that will sometimes reach up to Windows 10 for computers.

Bets and speculation have begun to fall. One of the first speculations has to do with the new studio of Playground Games (responsible for Forza Horizon), who work on a new open world project, but that is not a racing game. Little and nothing is known about this project, except that it has been under development for a short time.

Recently Phil Spencer talked about new exclusives that have not yet been revealed, contracts that have been signed for the next two or three years. Obviously it does not mention any developers. He believes that projects should be shown when they are ready.

It should be made clear that Microsoft has not made an official announcement about it, nor talked about this new IP, so it seems that it will still take a few months to learn more about it.

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