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Rumor: Microsoft Wants To Buy Electronic Arts

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Generally, the negative periods experienced by some video game companies are ideal terrain for speculation, rumors and, above all, projections related to important financial operations. It is not a secret to anyone that Microsoft and its gaming division are not going through a good time and the company has indicated its intention to invest more in the creation of content. Precisely that intention is what has given rise to a new and strong rumor.

Today Polygon published an article dedicated to the problems that Xbox One is experiencing in terms of exclusive content available to its users. Some of the information refers to the opinion of different analysts, who agree that the outlook has not been positive for Xbox One, but they say that Microsoft’s gaming division is ready to launch a new and aggressive strategy.

In that sense, David Cole, of DFC Intelligence, said that Microsoft had a great 2017, but not thanks to Xbox One and that the team in charge of everything that has to do with the console should make strategic decisions to remain relevant in the industry. There it became known that Microsoft has $130 billion and could start moving part of that money to acquire important companies.

Given the spread of the purchase potential that Microsoft has, which could be used for the purchase of video game companies, the article highlighted a series of acquisition rumors that may indicate the way forward.

In this regard, it was mentioned that one of the rumors that have recently gained strength, and that comes from a nearby and reliable source within Microsoft, is the interest that the company has in buying Electronic Arts, a company valued at $35 billion. Along with that rumor, there are also others that indicate that Microsoft could buy PUBG Corp. or that it would launch an offer to acquire Valve.

Like any rumor, it will be necessary to take this news with caution and wait for any information to be confirmed or denied. However, it is information that undoubtedly contributes to the debate on the current and future of Xbox One.

What do you think about this rumor? Would the hypothetical acquisition of Electronic Arts help Xbox One out of the negative streak? Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.