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Microsoft unveils new Xbox One controllers

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced new versions of its accessories for Xbox One, we refer to the controllers and headphone available in new colors.


Thus, the new controllers of Xbox One S, which includes new textured grip and Bluetooth support, will arrive in 2 new colors. The first one is in blue color like most of the controller, along with the d-pad, sticks and View buttons. The second controller has a metallic magenta that fades into a matte black finish.

The blue controller will debut on September 27 for $65 USD, this in the Microsoft Store and Best Buy; no information is given whether this device will be available in other stores. The magenta controller will arrive on October 4 for $70 USD in the United States, Canada and the UK.

But if you want to keep the classic style, then you should know that there will be a black version, unlike the white controller that accompanies the Xbox One S. The controller is available with a USB charger or with a wireless adapter, available in October for $80 USD.

Finally, the company unveiled a special edition of its stereo headset. The device is in white color to match the controller of Xbox One S and will be available in late October for $65 USD.

The Redmond company said that it had found a truly remarkable interest from fans who were able to commission a custom controller for the price of only $80 ($90 if they had also requested a gamertag or some other lower enrollment to 16 characters).

Recall that, according to Xbox Design Lab program, users could customize their controller with different color options: arrow keys, back, arrows, ABYX buttons and more for a total of over 8 million possible combinations.