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Microsoft UK Warns Players of Possible Shortages of Xbox One X At Launch

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The English division of Microsoft announced on GamesIndustry that the initial stockpiles of Xbox One X for the British market may not be enough to meet the demand.

During an interview with GamesIndustry, the director of the Microsoft UK section, Harvey Eagle, has pointed out that gamers who are planning to buy Xbox One X without pre-ordering the console may experience some difficulty in finding the console at least during the launch period.

In that sense, Harvey Eagle stated the following: “The Scorpio edition sold out in record time. It was the fastest pre-order of an Xbox that we’ve ever had. I can’t guarantee that stock will be available in launch week for people to just walk into a store and pick up. Demand is really high. I’d just encourage people if they want one at launch, to get moving.”

However, Eagle has clarified that the new stock will be distributed consistently, at least as far as the United Kingdom is concerned. “What I can say is that we will have new stock deliveries into retail each week as we get through to Christmas,” Eagle confirmed.

As reported by Eagle himself, pre-order of the console request was so high that Xbox One X and the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition were unavailable in many countries.

Xbox One X will be available from 7th November at a price of $499.99 dollars.

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