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Microsoft to announce a new “Xbox One II” model at E3

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Rumors indicate on the development of one or two new Xbox One by Microsoft.

Microsoft Xbox One II

If the rumors about two new models of Xbox One are becoming increasingly persistent in recent weeks, this new data would tend people to think that Microsoft would have already launched production of a new model to its gaming console since a few weeks ago.

According to a snapshot shared on a Chinese website, Microsoft might have launched the production of its new Xbox One, dubbed as Xbox One II. The photograph in question is a computer card stating the name of the machine that comes from one of the production lines used by Microsoft to power its consoles stocks.

Given the relatively short time, it is reasonable to think that this is, if the snapshot is confirmed, a minor revision of the Xbox One, probably a Xbox One in a more compact version of Slim that no longer requires cooling because of the improved fan.

The production of this machine coincide with the E3 schedule in Los Angeles to be held in June. The new machine is therefore lighter and weighs 600 to 800 grams.

Now it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will introduce a new machine and confirm it in the lounge, and also whether Sony will deliver a new more powerful PS4, the PS4 NEO.