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Microsoft talks about Scalebound cancellation, Quantum Break 4K support on Xbox One X and more

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One of the stones in the path of Xbox One since its launch is the reduced number of first-party titles and the lack of new IP that can distinguish the Microsoft console as it did in its time of Halo and Gears of War.

It seems that in this generation the company opted for the services to expand its gaming platforms and to integrate them into a single system of the game. Recently Shannon Loftis was questioned about this situation.

In an interview published today by Game Informer, Shannon Loftis, general manager and global publisher of Microsoft, was questioned about the cancellation of Scalebound.

In that sense, Loftis stated the following: “We’re not really talking about the state of the game. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make to discontinue it. Platinum is an amazing, incredibly talented developer. When we make game decisions, we ask ourselves: Is this the right game? Is it the right experience? Is it the right time? And unless we can answer yes to all three, we won’t continue on with a development cycle.”

Loftis also answered some questions related to their partnership with Remedy she said that they “have two really great products in the market with them with Quantum Break and Alan Wake. We mentioned [at Gamescom] that Quantum Break is coming to Xbox One X with the 4K enhancement this holiday, and we continue to explore opportunities with Remedy and many other great developers,” Loftis further explained.

Loftis was later questioned about the lack of a major new IP in the current console of Microsoft and, according to her perspective, this is because the development of this type of games at present is very different from what happened in past generations: “In the previous generations, you had these massive blockbuster hits that a lot of the time were kind of telegraphed up front by the budget that was spent on them, and people would wait out in line to get the game
and everything. But there’s just an incredible amount of content right now that moves through every single gaming ecosystem – whether it’s Steam, PlayStation, Apple – and it’s harder and harder for gamers to know where the quality is going to come from.”

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What do you think about the statements of Shannon Loftis?