Microsoft takes more time than Sony to publish games presented in conferences, according to a report

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According to a report, Microsoft, unlike what you generally tend to believe, seems to be the company that takes more time to publish the games presented during video games fairs.

Taking into account the length of time between the title reveals and their release on the market, the Redmond takes an average time interval (14:54 months) greater than that of Sony (13.10 months). With regards only to the Triple A titles, Sony, instead, takes a little longer time (11.83 months) than Microsoft (11.65 months), offsetting, however, with nearly three times the number of games published.

Microsoft is also assigned in the negative notes for the greatest number of games canceled after they reveal: we speak of a 4.6% against 1.5% of Sony.

The study was conducted taking into account all the events of video game from 2013 to the present, including E3, Gamescom, Paris Games Week, Tokyo Game Show, and PlayStation Experience. For more details, we refer you directly to the post of the NeoGaf user Liabe Brave.

Since the end of last year, Sony has changed the codes of a generation of video game consoles with the release of the PS4 Pro which marked the beginning of a new era. At the end of 2017, Microsoft will follow this way with its Xbox Scorpio which will certainly be much more powerful than the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro, but which will again take this concept of half-generation console, one of the objective is to counter and migrate players of high-end PCs to enjoy more advanced graphics.


  • Interesting how it seems that the person who made this report dint count Deed Down as cancelled. Whats the difference between cancelling a game and not realizing it? A cancelled game could potentially come back to. Sony get always get a free-pass, i really should be used to already.

  • A difference of 3.1% for cancelled games according to this article….. The only game that microsoft has cancelled in recent memory that bothered me was scalebound. And just for the sony po*ies considering “the last guardian” took somewhere around 10 years to come out I’m sure with that timeline microsoft will probably make it up to me with another game release.

  • It actually is counted, after a fashion.

    Could you guys bother to read stuff first before you comment?

  • Again, since somebody’s feelings got hurt: read the actual thread. Therein lies your answer.

    I guess questioning why someone should care what cancellations bothered you is tab*o, but it’s a genuine question. After all, you’re not the only person games are meant to cater to, so it doesn’t matter if YOU were bothered.

  • Weird. Somehow, I don’t think you’re buying most of the tens of millions of consoles and hundreds of millions of copies of games being sold. With that in mind, it’s pretty impossible for it to be all about you.

  • Weird. Somehow, you act like my individual opinion doesn’t matter yet feel the need to pay attention to it. Could it be that sales are driven by consumers? And that consumers have opinions?

  • Weird. Somehow you think your individual opinion matters more than the combined opinion of the rest of the market. Sure, your opinion counts, but to post it like it’s the most important one, to respond as if the cancellations that “bothered” you are the only ones that matter is ignorance, at best, delusional a*rogance at worst.

    It would be like me saying it’s cool that PT(Silent Hills) got canceled because I don’t like horror games.

    By the way, The Last Guardian is addressed in that thread.

  • Haha dude you are out there. Of course my comment is going to have my preference and opinion in it. I can’t comment for John Doe after all. If that makes me ignorant/ar*ogant in your eyes oh well. Anyways we spent enough time on this, have a nice day.

  • Isn’t the article about finding a guy compiled after thinking about the general consensus? People seem to think Sony takes forever to come out with their games; even I wouldn’t have expected that they actually take LESS time.

    Not trying to continue arguing here(probably), but just trying to put my response in perspective.

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