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Microsoft Stops Manufacturing The Kinect

According to a report by Co.Design, Microsoft has officially stopped manufacturing the Kinect.

On the Microsoft store, the camera is labeled as “out of stock”, hinting no coincidence there, although in other stores the product is still on sale.

Launched in 2010 and arrived in stores in two iterations (first separately for Xbox 360, then bundled with Xbox One at the launch of 2013), Kinect became the fastest-selling consumer electronics device and came to the market with 35 million units sold.

The giant Redmond still seems to continue to provide support to Kinect owners, although it has recently been announced that it is not in the intention of the manufacturer to launch an Xbox One X adapter (as opposed to Xbox One S).

In terms of the game, the sensor has never managed to win and exceed the stage of promises before marketing, with a few exceptions like Dance Central or Child of Eden. Proposed as a mandatory bundle at the launch of the Xbox One, its second version was quickly set aside to lower the costs and the price of the machine.

Despite the discreet commercial success, Kinect never managed to break into the heart of consumers and Microsoft had long since abandoned the development of new games and applications to focus on the industry of Increased Reality, part of the technology behind the sensor was in fact used to give life to the HoloLens project.

Peter Molyneux, one of the industry’s most exposed exhibitors at the launch of the first Kinect, only defined it in April as “a disaster”.

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