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Microsoft Presents Its New Participation Program Called Xbox Ideas

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A few days ago, Xbox presented its new control option designed for accessibility for players with disabilities, the Adaptive Controller. That same day, Phil Spencer, head of the Microsoft division, stated that the work done by the development team was open to all companies. However, it seems that this idea went further because it served as a medium for the presentation of the Xbox Ideas program.

This weekend, Microsoft presented its new Xbox Ideas program, with which it intends to establish direct contact with its community by opening a platform in which ideas and suggestions can be expressed that improve the experience and the environment surrounding the consoles.

In that sense, the official site of the Microsoft division invited users to participate and take advantage of the presentation of the Xbox Adaptive Controller suggesting that they express new ideas that help improve the accessibility of people with disabilities so they can enjoy video games.

The Xbox Ideas program has an official site where users can post some constructive idea about hardware, software or services and share it with the community. According to the objective of the program, the ideas and suggestions will go through 3 phases to be taken into account by the Xbox development team, something that will happen in the Idea Drives section:

1. Collection of ideas: once published, will remain on the site for a limited time.
2. Vote: users can comment and express by voting if they like a particular idea.
3. Finalization: the Xbox team will review the best ideas and comments from the community.

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Although this does not mean that the ideas and user suggestions become a reality, the truth is that the Xbox team seeks to take into account the opinion of their community through other channels. Currently, the Idea Drives section already has ideas related to games and applications; the Xbox Insider program; improvements for accessibility and general suggestions.