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Rumor: Microsoft Planning One Xbox Project Scarlett Console Release, Not Two Models

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Although Microsoft has made official some details about its next console, which we know at present as Project Scarlett, the reality is that what is said about the platform, outside the company, is still on the ground susceptible to rumors and speculations. In that sense, today information was generated indicating a possible change of plans regarding the supposed strategy of launching 2 models for the next Xbox.

According to a report, a well-known insider who has leaked information related to Xbox and known in networks such as “Klobrille“, revealed recently that the brand’s plans to launch 2 models of its next console have been stopped and, at the moment, the strategy would be to launch only one version of Project Scarlett.

The insider ensures that the number of reports on the matter has increased in the circuit of unofficial information, but so far no further details on this alleged decision, which would take place a year and a half before the release of the console, more time how prudent to make changes on the fly.

Phil Spencer, on the other hand, also said the following to BusinessInsider: “Last year we said consoles, and we’ve shipped a console and we’ve now detailed another console. I think that’s plural. Technically that is plural. Right now, we’re focused on Project Scarlett and what we put on stage.”

In this regard, it should be mentioned that, months ago, rumors indicated that Xbox would launch 2 models of its next console, one that would be equivalent to a pro version and another one focused on the digital environment and austere in terms of components. However, this strategy has not been confirmed by Microsoft, although not denied, so it is considered as an open possibility.

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