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Rumor: Microsoft Could Offer Game Rentals On Xbox Store


An image shared by AllGamesDelta on Twitter posted at the bottom of this news suggests the possible arrival of the game rentals on the Xbox Store. The screenshot was released last week by a Brazilian player, but the image has gone unnoticed at least until today.

The screenshot in question shows an interesting option for the quarterly rental at the price of 69 Real Brazilians, about $21 USD at the current exchange rate. This possibility seems to be under testing only for a few selected users in very few territories not better specified.

While the price of the rental on the Xbox Store in the picture seems to be a little high, it is hard to say how the pricing structure in the world could behave if Microsoft mobilizes to make the functionality an integral part of its system. Rentals may be located next to the aforementioned Xbox Game Pass, giving gamers the opportunity to try specific titles where the latter may not be available in the Game Pass catalog.

This would certainly be an interesting possibility, but we do not know if Microsoft wants to offer various types of “mini-subscriptions” as an alternative to the quarterly, perhaps monthly or even daily or weekly, allowing you to pay small amounts to play with the full versions of the games.

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In any case, Microsoft is strengthening with its services, distinguishing itself from the competition with initiatives such as Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere, creating a more consumer-focused ecosystem. The rentals might be the last “new-entry” of this new roadmap.

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At the moment, Major Nelson and Phil Spencer have not announced anything about it but the screenshot seems to be real and it is not excluded that this option can be enabled in the near future.

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