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Microsoft Has Not Yet Decided How Long Its Conference Will Last At E3 2018

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In recent weeks, it seemed that the official website of Microsoft had removed the doubts about the duration of the conference that the Redmond Colossus would hold during the E3 2018. There was the talk of about two hours, but apparently, the company still has to outline some points of the program that it is reserving for the fair in Los Angeles.

Responding to an intrigued fan, Aaron Greenberg, the head of the marketing division at Xbox, said that Microsoft has not yet made its final decision regarding the duration of the conference. “Not yet we are still finalizing the show,” were the words of Greenberg. “But we are not holding back this year!”

The Microsoft conference is certainly among the most awaited by the players. Many are expecting big announcements, which could affect the arrival of new IPs or established franchise follow-ups like Gears of War 5 or Halo 6. There are also good chances to see Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Crackdown 3, and The Last Night, not to mention the multiplatform titles like Anthem, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus.

Meanwhile, we know for sure that Forza Horizon 4 of Playground Games, which according to the rumors will be set in Asia, will be presented at the Los Angeles fair. In any case, what do you expect from the Xbox conference? Tell us in the comments below.