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Report: Microsoft Korea Does Not Have A Budget To Promote Xbox One X

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One of the most important events of 2017 was the debut of Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the world that offers the best visual quality for the console scene. Although it is an upgrade and improvement of Xbox One hardware, it was reported that the new console had a good year-end sales season in the US, however, the picture is not so encouraging in Asian markets, such as Korea from the south.

According to a report from the Korean media Gameple, Xbox One X faces a complicated moment in that market because the console has not been able to be promoted in the way expected because Microsoft Korea does not have enough budget to do it and, therefore, there is no commercial campaign that calls the attention and encourages the consumer.

The sense of the report does not lean towards some type of economic difficulty, but to the problems that Xbox One X has to enter the Korean market, which has grown significantly in recent years. In that sense, the problem seems to be located in the lack of available titles for the Xbox One family of consoles, which pales in the country with the offer of PS4 and Switch.

In addition, the lack of games localized to the Korean language is also taken into account, a very important element for the players of that country who are not only attracted by the offer of visual improvement of the console and require an option to change the language to the one of that country.

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At the same time, the report states that the problem of the small amount of games located in South Korea is accentuated by the number of PS4 titles that are located in the country, which has led Korean players to opt for the Sony console.

Finally, the report indicates that currently there is no plan defined by Microsoft Korea to address this situation and the environment in the present is far from the expectation generated by the launch of the console in the country last year.