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Microsoft’s Mixer App Download Available on iOS and Android

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The current trend is the transmission of gaming sessions and the platforms that offer the service gain popularity and users as time passes. As part of the offer of transmission platforms, Microsoft’s Mixer app for mobile devices just left the beta phase and is now available with new and improved options on iOS and Android devices.

After a Beta period where it received feedback from users, Microsoft today released the definitive version of the Mixer application for mobile devices. The company revealed that they reconstructed the base code to offer a high-quality product for users, taking into account the importance of transmissions and the need to give users better access to their favorite streamings.

To get to this version of the Mixer app, Microsoft had to rebuild the base code, thus eliminating the bugs found during the trial period.

The Mixer application is now available on Android and will arrive at the App Store in the coming days. This version has a new trend section, where we can see the most important transmissions, a stream selection panel in carousel format and improvements in content filters.

Recently Mixer joined the celebration for the debut of PUBG on Xbox One and launched a specialized channel where we can see the most important matches in its final part, where it generates more pressure and action.