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Microsoft is thinking to modify Xbox Achievements system

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Mike Ybarra, Corporate VP of Xbox, recently hosted a podcast from Windows Central. On this occasion, the manager talked about the future of Xbox, focusing on some novelties for the Achievements system.

The executive said that since its release, the Xbox Achievements system has rewarded gamers by boosting Gamerscore, however, this method may not be up to date, especially with the e-sports affirmation.

For example, a world-leading player in a single game and dedicating this to most of his time does not enjoy the same visibility as other players who have a higher Gamerscore. Just to celebrate this kind of video game, Microsoft is also planning to implement some of its complementary new features.

We remind you that in a few days ago, the Redmond company revealed the upcoming update of Xbox One. Indeed, Microsoft is about to publish a new system upgrade for Xbox One, originally reserved for the members of the Insider program and available in a few days for the rest of the users.

The update will introduce many changes to the interface in order to make it faster, easier to manage, and offer a more customizable experience.

As we can see in the video below, the Home screen will feature a new bar that will let you go back to your previous activities, suggesting potential friends to add to your list and show you the most relevant news. On Windows 10, however, the Game Bar and options menu will be affected.

In the official statement, Mike Ybarra also said that other “big updates” will be released by the end of the year.