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Microsoft Hiring “Strategic Partnership Manager” for Game Publishers in Asian Region

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Within the great strategy that Microsoft’s gaming division has put into place to conquer the most important markets, their intention is to position itself strongly in Asia, especially in Japan, South Korea and China, after all, this relationship is no stranger given that Xbox 360 enjoyed support from Japanese companies during their life cycle. In the same way that the division was looking for a leader who will take care of the plans in Asian territory, today it needs a strategic association manager to take the next step.

A few moments ago, a report pointed to the vacancy published today on Microsoft’s official job site, which shows some of the plans that the games division has for the Asian market. According to the description of the offer, the Microsoft Global Gaming Partnership & Development program is looking for a high level Strategic Partnership Manager who will be in charge of managing all the projects related to the development and distribution of projects with Asian partners of the company. Specifically, the position is focused on positioning the Xbox brand and the shared gaming environment that exists between the console and Windows 10.

In that sense, the vacancy refers that the manager will have to ensure that relations between the Microsoft gaming division and its Asian partners remain on track and ensure the arrival of premium content to Xbox One and Windows 10. Also, that who occupies the position should establish new initiatives in which the potential of the gaming experience via stream from the cloud, as well as the subscription services, is presented to the Asian partners.

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In this way, it seems that the plans of the Microsoft gaming division are on track in Asia and if before there was only talk about the search for a leader, today it is clear that there are already some partners who have decided to support the projects for the Xbox and Windows gaming environment.

What’s your opinion about it? Will Microsoft succeed in convincing the Japanese video game industry and its market? Tell us in the comments below.