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Microsoft has no plans to launch Xbox Design Lab in Europe

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At the last E3, Microsoft has announced Xbox Design Lab, a service that allows you to purchase custom controller for Xbox One, allowing players to create sophisticated and unique joypad. At the moment, this service is only available in North America and there are no plans regarding the arrival of this service on the European market.

You’ve probably already heard about the Xbox Lab Design, the website that allows you to customize the joypad for Xbox One by choosing from thousands and thousands of colors (something like 8 million possible combinations) then to have it delivered conveniently at your home.

Too bad that it remains exclusive to the United States. Aaron Greenberg recently reiterated on GameSpot pages that Xbox Design Lab has been a great success and there are many players who would like to see active service even on the European continent. “Not at this time unfortunately,” Greenberg said. “[The] team has heard the feedback from fans who want in more markets.”

Customizable pads cost a bit more than their standard counterparts (about 80 dollars), but given the results we would like to say that it is an understandable price.

Despite the high demand, Microsoft is not planning the launch of Design Lab outside of the United States but it is not excluded that in the future (perhaps with the launch of Project Scorpio), things can change.

Do you have an uncle in America who can send you the controller? Take a look at the Xbox Lab Design website and create your own joypad.

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