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Microsoft Explains Why They are Making Xbox Scorpio

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After Project Scorpio, a new version of Xbox One, it was promoted as the most powerful console in the world, now the engineering leader of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, shared more details about the platform that will arrive in late 2017.

Xbox One S

By way of curiosity, Mike Ybarra said in an interview for The Guardian, that efforts to create this new console are inspired by the business model of smartphones and mobile devices.

“In the phone market, people are more used to upgrading fast and wanting the latest of everything,” he says. “But with phones, your new apps had better work on that phone and the next one. According to what they’re telling us, the consumer expectation is: games and apps had better work even if I upgrade. We’re looking at the console business and asking how do we provide that choice to users? It resonates with them because other devices are doing that,” said Mike Ybarra.

Another point is that Microsoft wants to highlight regarding the compatibility of their platforms of Xbox One, Xbox One S and now Project Scorpio. What the company seeks to avoid is that your old games become obsolete.

Meanwhile, Shannon Loftis, general manager of Microsoft Studios, said that game developers are working thinking about what will come with Project Scorpio: “Taking advantage of dynamic scaling and things like that, a game they make for Xbox One today will run beautifully on S and run beautifully and look better on Scorpio.”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Sony is also planning the launch of a console, so far only been revealed as PlayStation NEO.

What do you think of the famous Project Scorpio and its impact on the market and industry?