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Microsoft Exec justify why Xbox One X is more expensive than PS4 Pro

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Xbox One X will hit the stores at the end of the year with a price of 499 dollars, a commercial value that for many players is in line with the hardware offered by this machine considered as the most powerful console ever created despite being more expensive than its competitor, the PS4 Pro. The difference in price between the two consoles oscillates – depending on the market – around 100 dollars.

Microsoft executive Dave McCarthy wanted to defend the increase in price of Xbox One X compared to PS4 Pro ensuring that the console presents a technical section that justifies the price more than enough that comes to stores this year.

“As far as I’m aware, there is nothing that offers the combination of power and performance at the price that we’re doing right now [with Xbox One X]. If I were to make a comparison on the capabilities with the 6 teraflops and the extra RAM we have in the machine, the true 4K gaming, which is more than just the 8 million pixels; you’ve got HDR, spacial audio support with Dolby Atmos. I would make more of a comparison to the PC space in terms of capabilities,” he says.

The spokesman of Microsoft considers that the price set is excellent considering “it’s a wonderful premium device in terms of operating those capabilities. Xbox One is still a great device for us; supporting HDR gaming and the 4K video and the 4K Blu-ray stuff.”

Xbox One X will go on sale on November 7 and will have support for both Xbox One games and backward compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox titles.