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Mike Ybarra Wants To Bring Cross-Progression On All PC and Xbox Games

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For some time now, Microsoft has brought the Xbox and PC universes closer to allow fans to play freely on any medium, while still being able to access their save data’s. This feature called cross-progression or cross-save is currently available on some games, but not all, which disappoints Mike Ybarra (Corporate Vice-President at Xbox) as the latter explained on Twitter.

The executive who often uses this feature now wants a maximum of games to support cross-progression, which is quite logical when we see the current policy of the Redmond firm. In that sense, Ybarra stated the following on his Twitter account: “I wish the cross progression in all games, I play so much on PC and Xbox and I want that support in all games, and the people I play with want that too, so we always argue about whether we play new titles together on the PC or the Xbox, there should be no discussion at all, let’s make it happen!”

If it goes to Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, then the cross-progression feature should be standard in future on at least the PC and the Xbox platforms. As a result, players would no longer have to choose between the Xbox or the PC version. Instead, the scores could be shuffled seamlessly between the two versions.

If we do not see how the company can encourage third-party publishers to take the plunge, the position occupied by Mike Ybarra should allow, on the other hand, that all titles developed internally by Microsoft Game Studios adopt the cross-progression system.