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Satya Nadella: Microsoft Will Continue Investing To Improve the Xbox Platform

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After Xbox One faced an uncertain landscape after the years that followed its debut, the platform was integrated into Microsoft’s new plans and strategies for its games division and everything indicates that stability and growth are coming. In the presentation of the company’s recent financial report, Satya Nadella said that they are committed to their platform and will continue to invest in expanding their gaming and services environment.

During the presentation of the financial report that ended last March, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, confirmed the company’s commitment to Xbox, considered a platform surrounded by a gaming and services environment. Initially, Nadella assured that Microsoft’s gaming division is still thinking of investing in Xbox in order to expand the gaming experience and take advantage of new opportunities to develop the way titles are created, played and viewed.

Regarding the services sector, the Microsoft manager said they will seek to establish new relationships, and maintain existing ones, with companies that have integrated the Xbox LIVE experience, Xbox Game Pass, and Mixer. According to Nadella, currently, the game division is motivated by the reception that Sea of Thieves has had between the players and the transmission platform, something that they have achieved thanks to the integration of a shared game environment between Xbox One and Windows 10.

Finally, the top executive of the US company, said that the financial results of Xbox One speak for themselves and account for the strength of the platform and its services; In addition, he promised that Microsoft will continue investing in the console and its environment, especially now that they are focused on working in Azure and thinking about their integration to the gaming and services experience, with the objective of satisfying the needs of developers, players, and spectators.