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Microsoft confirms Spotify app for Xbox One

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Spotify has an exclusivity agreement on consoles with Sony, so the application is only available on PlayStation 4. It seems that this deal has come to an end, as we can officially say that Spotify will be available on Xbox One.

This week, a user leaked a screenshot showing Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb using Spotify from Xbox. Although the image was questionable by the quality, this time the doubts disappeared, as the head of Xbox LIVE showed Spotify Music on Xbox One by a few seconds in its weekly news program.

At the 9th minute of This Week on Xbox, we can see at the bottom of Major Nelson’s dashboard “Spotify Music for Xbox One”. By the way, the manager was listening to Fable’s soundtrack composed by the legendary Danny Elfman.

The only question we have is: when can we use Spotify on Xbox One? We should note that the application debuted on Windows 10 in June of this year and is likely to be part of the Universal Windows Platform, so it could run on Xbox One and other Windows devices. These programs take some time to be perfected, so it may be necessary to wait a little longer before an official announcement.

So, surely this will cheer Xbox One fans, as they have been asking Spotify to get to Xbox One. Hopefully, the precise details will be available soon.