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E3 2019: Microsoft Acquires Double Fine, Psychonauts 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Since E3 2018, Microsoft announced its new strategy for content creation and the pillar of this new stage has been the acquisition of studios that will now work to nurture the first-party offering of the company’s gaming environment. Well, today at E3 2019, it was announced that Double Fine Productions is already part of Microsoft Game Studios.

Last year’s Xbox conference at E3 2018 certainly had the announcement of the acquisition of a large number of studios, such as the famous Ninja Theory, as the moment of greatest impact. Politics carried on later also, with the entry of Obsidian and inXile in the Microsoft stables. But all these acquisitions do not seem to have completely satisfied the Xbox team, which has just announced that it has acquired another top-notch software house.

Some time back, the Xbox conference in E3 2019 served as the best showcase to reveal the new signing of Microsoft Game Studios and there we learned that Double Fine Productions, studio led by the legendary Tim Schafer, creator of Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, among others, will now be part of the teams that will create content for Microsoft’s gaming division.

Later, Schafer was invited to the stage, where he celebrated the new working relationship and took the opportunity to reveal the new trailer for Psychonauts 2. Check it out below.

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