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Microsoft believes that Xbox One X will help sell 4K TVs

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Albert Penello, who recently spoke about PS4 Pro, has confirmed the importance of their Xbox One X console within the industry of 4K TV manufacturers, something that he thinks will be “mutually beneficial” for both parties.

“There’s a mutual benefit. They need the content to drive uptake, so they are asking us how they can demo Xbox One X on their TVs, as they want to sell those TVs,” Penello explained to MCV. “It’s been an interesting marketing challenge,” he said.

“We have momentum on our side, which helps. The majority of TVs sold this year will be 4K TVs, there is all kind of analysts reports, and within the next few years, everything will be 4K. So it’s coming, in terms of retail of displays,” he concluded.

We remind you that Samsung has a special agreement with Xbox One X in the USA, so the Korean company will announce its 4K TVs jointly with Microsoft.

Indeed, we will see, a strong marketing campaign with lots of TV commercials in conjunction with the release of the console in November. Samsung’s 4K QLED flagship lineup will become the official partner of the “most powerful console on the market,” and marketing campaigns across the United States will allow consumers to try the console matched with the TVs of the South Korean multinational.

Samsung QLED TVs use the ‘Quantum Dot’ LED technology, these TVs also offer a special Game Mode that optimizes picture and sound.

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