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Michel Ancel will reveal details on WiLD very soon, studio hard at work

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The creative has reported that this year there will be more information on the exclusive title for PS4.

Michel Ancel has not only got his hands on Beyond Good & Evil 2, but he is also developing a procedural game set in the Neolithic, called WiLD.

One of the most emotional moments of E3 2017 was presented at the Ubisoft conference when, without anyone expecting it, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was revealed by Michel Ancel. As we know, the creative that gave birth to Rayman is also working on an exclusive PS4 title called WiLD, so taking advantage of his presentation at E3 2017, some fans have asked about what is the progress of its development.

After publishing a series of images in his Instagram account related to the presentation of Beyond Good & Evil 2, a group of fans questioned Michel Ancel about WiLD.

Ancel reported that although they are working hard to launch Beyond Good & Evil 2, the development team at Wild Sheep Studio in charge of WiLD are also doing the same so that the PS4 exclusive title also fulfills its commitment as quickly as possible and promised that this year there will be more information about it (Remember that the game was announced in 2015).

WiLD is an open world title that takes place in a prehistory whose scenarios are procedurally generated. After its first revelation the title seemed forgotten, however, in January Michel Ancel presented some images of the title to remember that it is still in development.