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Michel Ancel shows another illustration of Beyond Good and Evil 2

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Michel Ancel, the creator of games like Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, showed a few days ago a new illustration of Beyond Good and Evil 2 indicating that the game would have received green light from Ubisoft. Today he has shown a second image.


Michel Ancel continues to tease fans of Beyond Good & Evil: after a first artwork published earlier this week, the French game designers today posted on Instagram a new image that seems to refer to Beyond Good & Evil 2 or possibly a reboot of the series.

In the illustration, that could also be a render or model of the game, we see an anthropomorphic shark. This kind of creature could be seen in the original game – Francis and Rufus – in Akuda bar, as you can see in the picture attached.

The commentary accompanying the image reads “Ready for the fight independence #ubisoft day” that refers to the important meeting with shareholders in the company, which could unveil the plans of Vivendi with the acquisition of shares in Ubisoft.

Although there are no direct confirmations about it yet, it is very likely that Ancel is actually working on Beyond Good & Evil 2. The reveal could be closer than expected, according to some rumors the game could get out at the launch of Nintendo NX (probably exclusively) with the title Beyond Good & Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers.

Would this mean that an announcement about Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be made?

Let us recall that General Assembly under “high voltage” is to be held today Thursday, September 29, between the different shareholders of Ubisoft, Bolloré asking to be represented on the board “consistently with its shareholders” (holds 22.8% of Ubisoft shares).