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Michel Ancel reminds us that WiLD continues in development

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WiLD is a title that was announced in Paris Games Week 2015 for PlayStation 4, nevertheless, you may not remember it at all, and not for less, since from its revelation not more was known about the title. Fortunately, a new image of the game was shown to remind us that it still exists.

We do not know if he is working on a new Beyond Good & Evil or not, but what we are certain that Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman – is still in love with a very personal project that is Wild. If you remember, this proposal that develops outside of Ubisoft in his own studio, was presented at the conference of Sony in Paris Games Week 2015 and although we have really known very little of the title, today its creator reminds us that it is still working on the game.

The title is headed by Michael Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, and it was he himself who revealed an image on Instagram, to remind us that WiLD is still under development. This is a photo taken directly from the screen where the game was running.

“Getting lost in your own game is a great satisfaction. So many landscapes and situations to be discovered. I will try to post regularly some screenshots of the wild. And I promise, I will not spoil the game´s plot!.”

For now, WiLD has no release date, but if Ancel promised to show more images, we assume that the title has reached a high point in its development. It is even possible that Sony will play this game in the PlayStation conference during E3 2017, because after all, it is produced by the company.