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Michael Pachter: Nintendo Switch won’t be as successful as Wii

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Although, Nintendo Switch is recording strong sales around the world, according to the well-known analyst Michel Patcher the new console of the house of Kyoto will not be able to replicate the success of Wii. According to the words of Patcher, Switch could get to sell 50 million units.

The sales of Nintendo Switch are progressing well, so much so that Nintendo has made no secret of expecting good results already by the end of the fiscal year in progress.

As the projections are encouraging, the renowned analyst Michael Pachter does not expect the new console can get close to the numbers produced in the past by the Wii. Nevertheless, it should have enough thrust to reach fifty million units.

“Overtime Switch will be fine it will do 50 million if the price comes down the curb. The question though is will it do a hundred? I don’t think so that’s 20 million a year. 10 Million a year for 5 years for sure,20 Million a year ever probably not,” Michel Patcher says in a recent statement.

Previously, the analyst, Micheal Patcher, had said that this year Nintendo Switch could sell more than Xbox One.

The analyst, at least implicitly, therefore, assumes a life cycle of five years for the console. According to Nintendo, however, Switch will be able to replicate the success of the Nintendo Wii.

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