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MGS Movie Director Played Death Stranding, Says We’re Not Ready for It

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Since Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016, there has been a veil of uncertainty around what the narrative has to offer. However, in recent months some have been lucky to try a bit of Hideo Kojima’s game. Recently, it was the turn of Vogt-Roberts, director of the Metal Gear Solid movie, and his impressions were positive.

Through Twitter, Vogt-Roberts let his followers know that he had the opportunity to play the next installment of the Kojima Productions studio. In the publication, the director praises the work he was able to prove. “So @ HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN let me play DEATH STRANDING ❗️The world is next-level immaculate. It’s like freebasing pure Kojima & Shinkawa,” the creative said.

He also said that playing it came to his mind a feeling similar to that he had when he saw Mad Max: Fury Road, which made him wonder how it is possible that miracles of this kind exist. “Remember when FURY ROAD blew you away but also made you (in the best-most-thankful way) ask “wtf” how does this miracle exist? YOU. ARE. NOT. READY,” he assured the fans.

The statements of the creator gives a bit of calm to those who have been following the game very close, because, although Death Stranding already has a few trailers, they are so ambiguous that the fans can not decipher what the game’s objectives will be. Recall that last year, Vogt-Roberts had already expressed his opinion in relation to the visuals that Death Stranding will display.

Death Stranding is expected to be an exclusive PlayStation 4, but does not yet have a release date. What do you think of the impressions of Vogt-Roberts? Are you one of those who are waiting for the game and look forward to more information? Tell us in the comments below.