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Metro Redux for Switch Will Release in December, According To A Portuguese Retailer

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Metro Redux, the collection that includes Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, could arrive on Nintendo Switch on December 1. So at least the list of Portuguese retailer GamingReplay suggests with a price of 44.99 euros.

In its file, we can also see a cover, although it could be a provisional assembly. There are no more details of this version, although this type of leaks is often real; The most recent case is Fallout Legacy, which Amazon revealed and Bethesda has made official.

Metro Redux was a collection that remastered the first two 4A Games of Metro – launched in the last generation – on PS4, Xbox One and PC with playable changes, new modes, a global lighting system, better character modeling, textures, animations, scenarios and other advantages with an updated version of 4A Engine. On consoles, the game also reached 60fps, although this may not be seen in its version for Nintendo Switch.

The series is inspired by the novels of Dmitri Glujovski, and they placed us in a Moscow devastated by a nuclear apocalypse. The games stand out for their immersion, personality, and the constant sense of survival resources that are scarce.

This year the series received a third game, Metro Exodus, which as a great novelty moved away from the linear development of its predecessors to offer more open environments – without becoming a complete world on a trip aboard the Aurora, an old locomotive which is collecting survivors through these Russian lands.

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