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Metro Exodus Unlocking Problems on Steam Reported

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The digital PC version of Metro Exodus is on sale now exclusively on Epic Games Store but all those who have pre-ordered on Steam will still be able to download the game from the Valve marketplace, even if buyers are reporting problems in this regard.

On the official Steam forum, some dozens of users have complained about the inability to start the game, at the time of launching an error message pops-up that warns of the lack of presence of the executable file (MetroExodus.exe), an inconvenience that seems to occur when the game is not unlocked by the Steam servers.

Anyone who has pre-ordered Metro Exodus on Steam can then immediately start downloading the game files, which has a size of around 50 GB, so as to prepare for the launch tomorrow, without having to submit to further expectations. As already reported, pre-loading is not available on Epic Games Store.

At the moment it is not easy to understand what happened, considering that the game is actually available from midnight to play. Valve and Deep Silver (publisher of Metro Exodus) have not commented on the story but we are confident that the two companies will intervene to clarify the situation.