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Metro Exodus Sequel Confirmed, Writer Confirms “Working on The Story”

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Last May, 4A Games, the parents of the Metro saga, announced that they were working on a new project of secrecy that had a budget to match any other Triple-A title. Well, the last financial report of THQ for its investors, published just a few days ago, has been responsible for throwing that “secret” overboard. The studio is developing a new Metro series game that will take over the Metro Exodus sequel.

Although it has not been specified if it will be some kind of sequel or spin-off, we do know some details about its history: that it will be written again by Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the novels in which the saga is inspired. Shortly after the announcement was known, he himself has published a post on his social networks ensuring that “the Metro gaming series will be continued. Working on the story.”

We will see what role Glukhovsky has in the new installment, because although he wrote the main plot and the dialogues of each and every one of the characters in Metro 2033 and Last Light, the dimensions of the latter, unattainable for a single person, led him to not be the absolute responsible for the script of Exodus, sharing the work at 50% with the directors of narrative of 4A Games.

His mere presence is already unusual if we take into account the writer has reiterated that he has concluded his participation in the history of the books. Precisely Metro Exodus is located after the last of them, Metro 2035, and one of the endings of the game offered a dead end.

Perhaps the answer to all this has already been given by Exodus expansions, which will set aside Artyom, that will be starring different characters and will arrive in late summer and early 2020 year.