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Metro Exodus Will Offer A More Open Gameplay and A Much Larger Map

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Being the third installment of the series, it was assumed that Metro Exodus would quantitatively improve what was presented in the previous two games and although there are still some months left before we can finally test the title, 4A Games revealed interesting details about it.

The next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK includes an interview with John Bloch, executive producer of Metro Exodus, who revealed important information to feed the hype that fans have for the game.

Initially, the creative said that in terms of the size of the game world, the new Metro title will be the largest in that sense and to give us an idea, revealed that each city will measure between 3 and 4 square kilometers, presenting the scenarios with larger series size.

Subsequently, Bloch assured that the impressive size of the Metro Exodus stage not only will it be an aesthetic delight, since we can explore every corner thanks to the concept that 4A planned for the title: integrate the classic experience of the franchise with elements of the Sandbox.

In a matter of plot, Bloch mentioned that we will find new societies, religions, types of life, environments, and mutants in Metro Exodus, which implies new forms of interaction that will develop the story, which will be more extensive than those of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light combined.

Finally, the creative highlighted the freedom we will have in Metro Exodus, as the decisions we make and the situations that happen will have an impact on the development of the game. An example of this is, in his words, a moment when an allied faction becomes an enemy, forcing us to adapt our strategy.

The launch of Metro Exodus is scheduled for fall of this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.