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Metro Exodus New Screenshot Showcases Environments and Characters

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The Game Informer magazine has published more screenshots of Metro Exodus, the new chapter of the well-known shooter based on the novels of the writer Dmitrij Gluchovskij. In the screenshots, you can appreciate some of the scenarios and characters that will accompany the players in this new adventure.

Metro Exodus is an epic first-person narrative shooter created by 4A Games, which combines one of the most immersive worlds ever created with deadly fights, furtive explorations, and horror survival.

Players will have to escape the ruins of a decaying Moscow and embark on a fantastic transcontinental journey through post-apocalyptic Russia in the biggest Metro adventure ever created.

It will be possible to explore rural Russia far and wide, between non-linear levels and follow a thriller inspired by the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky which covers the time span of a year from spring to summer, until autumn and the depths of nuclear winter.

While the open maps of Metro Last Light were 111 meters x 200 meters, those of Metro Exodus will be two square kilometers. Furthermore, the stealth mechanics have been completely revised to be more realistic and challenging to master.

Within the scenarios, you will find safe places to sleep and recover health or wait for the dark to complete a mission with the favor of darkness. The graphics engine is now able to handle both the dynamic weather and the day/night cycle, while the number of enemies will be much higher than in the past, with unique categories depending on the season and the area in which you are.

Currently, Metro Exodus is scheduled to launch this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, however, the release date has not yet been revealed. Check the new screenshots of Metro Exodus below.