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4A Games: Metro Exodus Will Be The Longest Running Title In The Series

It is a regrettable fact that the most promising Metro Exodus of 4A Games has been delayed from 2018 to 2019, as the gameplay video on E3 was also very pleasant, and according to the developers’ statements, the third Metro will actually be able to meet GSC S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (which many of the ex-4A practitioners did). We’ve known for a long time that Metro Exodus will show us a much larger, more open world in the form of a transcontinental trip. Recently, Global Brand Management at Deep Silver, Huw Beynon, spoke about the new title of the saga.

Huw Beynon was interviewed by GamingBolt, and besides the gameplay features, he also mentioned some of the features, such as the Metro series inspiration. “Metro Exodus represents a new chapter for the studio. The first two games were kind of similar in many ways: very linear, story driven, heavily inspired by Half-Life 2. You almost think of them as two parts of a major story. This team really wanted to try something different, ambitious. So, from a story perspective we have left Moscow; you go on this year-long journey across post-apocalyptic Russia. That means you’re no longer confined to the tunnels, the snowy wasteland of Moscow.”

“We’re going to take you through four seasons, and some incredible locations that might be surprising to Metro fans. At the same time, from a design perspective, it reflects their creative muscles. It introduces some new elements: player freedom, which fans have been asking for. The game still plays out in a linear order: play through a level, complete it, move on. We’ve introduced a handful of huge levels; we called them sandbox survival levels. Each of those can last many hours of critical path gameplay. Even more, if you want to explore side contracts,” Beynon said.

Huw Beynon also said that the title features “full day/night cycles and dynamic weather”. “You can spend days of in-game time in these environments, scavenging and hunting in the wild. You’re really free to explore and enjoy the city at your own pace. Those are the two real big shake-ups. Then, we’ve made countless changes to the tech and the granular features,” Beynon concluded.

As announced during the latest E3 2018, Metro Exodus will release on February 22, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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